For Family Members Affected by Substance Use Disorder

** Please call (830) 310 - 2456 if it asks for a password to join**


Online meetings are currently available through Zoom.

The Zoom app can be downloaded for free on your phone or personal computer through​​

MEETING ID NUMBERS:  To access the meeting, please check back on this page to obtain the meeting ID number or the current link. Once you have the meeting ID number, open Zoom and click JOIN A MEETING. Type in the meeting ID number. Please note: the meeting ID numbers could change, so please visit our website regularly to obtain the most current meeting ID number.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS:  Online meetings require participants to be in a quiet and private space so that conversation is not overheard by other people. If you can, use headphones.  

MEETING RULES:  It is essential that online meetings remain confidential in order for members to feel safe. The same rules apply…who you see in a meeting and what is said in a meeting, stays in the meeting. Please remember that we don’t cross talk, offer advice, or interrupt others while they are sharing.

NEWCOMERS: Newcomer orientation meetings will be conducted on an individual basis. Please email to schedule a newcomer meeting if you have never attended a RecoveryWerks! meeting before.

Additionally, all group members are welcome to call or text to schedule an appointment.

​Along with  “In Person” Meetings,  online meetings via Zoom will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM for Family Member Meetings ONLY. 

​​​​​Family Member Meetings (18+):

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7:00 PM
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7:00 PM
Zoom Meeting ID 480-014-4844